Private Clients Crisis Solutions Launched



“In the current global environment the HNW family now faces many threats, both perceived and real. By providing your clients with access to the new Private Client Crisis Solutions product which is Underwritten by AIG, you will help protect your clients most valuable asset – their family” 

– Giles Greenfield, Co-CEO.


Markham is delighted to announce the launch of a bespoke product via its Special Risks Division, aimed at protecting today’s high net worth family.

Personal wealth can often mean an abundance of the finer things in life; expensive cars, luxurious homes, beautiful clothes and jewellery, exotic foreign travel and an overall very desirable lifestyle.  This affluence can, however, come at a cost, making those who enjoy it attractive targets for criminals who aim to exploit and profit from them.

An expensive home which may be attacked, family members who may be stalked, high value vehicles which may be targeted by car thieves, disappearance, extortion threats both physical and virtual, are just a few of the risks facing today’s HNW family.

As a Markham broker, we can now help you mitigate these risks for your clients.  Benefits of the Private Client Solutions Product include;

Expert guidance on how to protect family and loved ones.  

✔An in-depth risk assessment on each family and their risk exposure.

✔Areas Covered:  lifestyle, mobility, residence, cyber & travel exposure.

✔Direct access to AIG’s prevention consultancy team and online resources.


Exceptional Insurance Cover to guarantee peace of mind.

✔Protection against all types of threat & extortion (including kidnap) at full policy limits.

✔All family members & domestic staff covered both at home and abroad.

✔Additional covers – Personal financial loss, public relations, increased security.


Crisis Response should the worst happen.

✔UNLIMITED access to one of the most experienced consultancies in the world.

✔Minimum of TWO consultants deployed to any event within 24 hours of notification.

✔Step by Step guidance of crisis management from the outset right through to post event damage limitation.


Please contact one of our team for more information:

Gabriella Suarez:  T: +44 (0)7980 605751

Jessica Mayhew: T: +44 (0)1223 200678

For some practical tips on maintaining your client’s Personal Security whilst at home or abroad, please view our website with regular articles and advice for today’s Private Client: 



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