Kidnap Ransom Insurance – Delegated Underwriting Authority.

Delegated Underwriting Authority awarded to Markham Special Risks

Since its launch in 2013, Markham Special Risks (MSR) has gone from strength to strength.  With an ever increasing market presence, invaluable industry contacts and wide global reach, this division of Markham now services an international book of more than 600 brokers and controls premiums in excess of  £4 million.   Having worked in partnership with its insurer of choice since 2013, MSR recognizes the importance of being able to offer some of the best in class coverage from a provider with over 30 years experience underwriting in this sector.  With the acquisition of its new Director, Gabriella Suarez earlier in 2016, that underwriting expertise has now moved in-house.  On 1st September 2016, MSR became the only UK broker to obtain Delegated Underwriting Authority (DUA) status on Kidnap & Ransom insurance. This allows its brokers to benefit from;

In-depth knowledge of the coverage and its complexities.

Direct access to Underwriters and fast turnaround times.

Expert advice to those at risk or those managing risks on this type of insurance.

Competitive rates of Commission.

Access to up-to-date country information.

n 2016, a recurring theme in the media headlines was a company’s Duty of Care to its employees.  Kidnap & Ransom insurance is often vital in order to ensure this is adhered to – offering protection against kidnap, hostage, extortion (including Cyber) and threats.  If you would like any advice on this or to simply sign up to our up-to-date Country Briefings, please contact us.

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