We help a variety of business clients with their crisis insurance needs for their employers.

If a client can answer yes to any of the following questions, then they should have specialist insurance for their staff.

  • Does the commercial client have operations in parts of the world that may be relevant?
  • Is the client vulnerable to industrial or competitor intimidation or blackmail?
  • Does the client have expatriate employees or employees who visit parts of the world that may be relevant?
  • Does the client’s D&O policy properly insure them against duty of care for staff members travelling abroad?
  • Have the client’s staff been appropriately trained to understand the risk of their operational and travel schedules?
  • Does the client have ‘disgruntled employee’ risk? (e.g. around M&A activity which may involve large scale redundancies)
  • Is the client involved in controversial business activities (e.g. animal testing and research)?
  • Does the client have a corporate footprint outside the UK?
  • Does the client have an evacuation process in place in case of specific country volatility?

We help a number of different client types across the globe. Examples include:

  • Charities
  • Oil & Gas and Mining Companies
  • Exporters or manufacturers with staff and or operations in relevant jurisdictions
  • Media Production Companies
  • Broadcasting and News Companies
  • Senior Executive’s in the Financial Service Sector