AIG is the world’s largest insurer with more than 88 million customers and employing over 60,000 staff globally.

Expert Crisis Solution Underwriting

AIG has been underwriting in the crisis event sector for over 30 years. They have more than 200 authorised underwriters writing the business globally, as well as the knowledge and experience to provide flexible solutions depending on the needs of the individual client.

Their local & regional presence means that as an insurer they can make fast and effective decisions, which is critical in this particular line of business.

Broad Risk Appetite

AIG offers up to £50 million in primary limits for standalone Kidnap for Ransom insurance as well as providing cover for associated perils such as Extortion, Detention, Business Interruption, Cyber Threat, Assault and many additional risks. They have the appetite to underwrite all types of crisis event insurance, spanning all industries and countries for either the corporate client or the private individual and family. Put simply, they offer a worldwide policy with very few restrictions.

Claims Expertise

A proven track record of handling and quickly paying claims when clients need it most. AIG have dedicated claims specialists who focus solely on this class of business and have been doing so for a number of years. Many of the claims professionals hold advanced degrees or professional designations and are well-qualified within their area of expertise.

Best in Class Coverage and Breadth

AIG Crisis Solution insurance is more than just traditional kidnap and ransom (K&R); it provides cover for a range of threats against company employees, their families and private clients. AIG currently services 98% of the Fortune 500 companies and their client base encompasses over 130 different countries.