Business Travel & PA Insurance – February 2016



When travelling to certain climes, it is highly advisable to have Kidnap & Ransom insurance in place, sourced from a specialist broker with knowledge in the industry.  Once this is in place, you may have some more questions;


        •  Where do you go for the travel insurance ?

        • How do you know which countries are covered for kidnap and ransom on your Travel & PA policy and which are excluded ?

        • If you loose your wallet as result of express kidnapping, which policy should cover your loss ?

        • Do you need to take out an additional KRE policy if you have some coverage for it on  your Travel Policy ?


By combining your needs through Markham, you deal with specialist broker and one specialist insurer to organize the best insurance is in place to meet every one of your needs. Through both a direct and wholesale facility, MSR can offer clients and brokers access to the Lifeline Plus Travel & PA Policy.

Please contact us should you need any assistance in arranging your travel insurances, we would be happy to help.

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