Markham Special Risks Responds to high demand in Kidnap & Ransom Insurance by visiting Brokers directly.


 This week saw Director of Markham Special Risks (MSR), Gabriella Suarez and Associate Director of Global Response Consultants NYA, Tess Baker, take to the road visiting brokers.  This was in direct response to broker’s requests to learn more about this very specialised insurance and how it works

With incidents of kidnap & ransom increasing on a daily basis, this is an insurance product any company operating overseas should seek to obtain, especially when sending employees to live and or work in locations deemed as higher risk.


The policy works to offer the insured cover for the multiple expenses often occurred in the event of kidnap, extortion or threat, such as;

  • Ransom
  • Salaries
  • Personal Financial Loss
  • Response Consultants
  • Legal Costs
  • Threat
  • Extortion (including Cyber)
  • Disappearance
  • PR & Damage Limitation
  • Rest & Rehabilitation
  • Forensics
  • Medical Costs


MSR are experts in advising those seeking this type of insurance and can organize cover with the insurer as required.  NYA International (Response Consultants) work in close conjunction with the client to successfully resolve crisis situations as and when they arise.

Some of the questions answered in the road show;


  • Who is covered under the policy  ? employees ? family members ?
  • Which countries are deemed as higher risk and which are included in the policy ? Are there any country exclusions ?
  • How does the policy respond ?
  • What is the role of the Response Consultants ?
  • How does the risk prevention service work ?
  • What else is covered under the policy ?  Are there any other benefits ?


If you would like more information or a visit from one of the team to find out more, please contact:

T:  01223 200678   OR 

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