Top Tips – Awareness on the Street


Many police forces around the world use “awareness and presence” techniques to ensure safety when out and about, encouraging the individual to think of ways to avoid becoming a target and to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Learning to be observant is crucial and can enable the individual to react appropriately as their mental state is prepared for the hazard. The mental jump from a very a relaxed state to a state in which they need to react quickly can be too overwhelming, and often the individual will freeze.

We have put together a list of some of, what we feel, are useful tips to keep yourself safe on the street both at home and abroad:

  • Try to keep a low profile. Dress and behave conservatively – do not display cash or jewellery.
  • Avoid any behavior which could make others see you as wealthy.
  • Politely, try to avoid any conversation which may be controversial.
  • If confronted by armed attackers, always give up your valuables. Do not resist. Never carry large quantities of cash, or any items on you that you are not prepared to lose
  • Know how to use public telephones. Carry a local phone card and small change at all times for emergencies.
  • If abroad, familiarize yourself with the uniforms and credentials of public services, e.g. the police.
  • Never display large amounts of money when paying, take out only the correct sum. Carry your money in a moneybag or disperse it throughout your garments. Place wallets and purses in zipper or inside pockets.
  • Treat with caution accidents, unusual occurrences, distractions and distress calls as they may be hoaxes.
  • When out at night, avoid excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages, especially if alone. Never accept a beverage in an open container from a stranger or recent acquaintance.
  • Maintain at least two arms distance from any enquiring stranger, when asked for a cigarette, the time, etc.
  • Walk on well-lit busy streets as much as possible, facing on-coming traffic. Avoid shortcuts.
  • If you think you are being followed, cross the road and keep walking. If still worried make for a well-lit public place or police station, hotel lobby, etc.


We hope that the above recommendations would help you both avoid and deal with an event but cannot guarantee the outcome in any way. We have extensive experience of clients who have found themselves in similar situations, so please drop us a line for any more information / questions you may have and we will try to help:

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