Through  AIG’s in-house Global Prevention team we provide clients with tailored security solutions designed to mitigate against a number of potential crisis events and threats.  On inception of the Crisis Solutions policy, each client automatically benefits from various levels of pre-incident prevention and advice at no additional cost.


Whilst companies have a duty of care to protect their employees, this responsibility is often overlooked.  Directors can fail to understand the legal exposure or damage to a company’s reputation should a crisis event occur within their organisation.  The AIG Global Protection team will help establish those individuals at risk, assist the company with managing the risk and train those who have to deal with the impact of an event.

Private Clients

Threats to private individuals and their families vary hugely depending on their profile, exposure, occupation and travel patterns.  Clients can fall victim to threats which include stalking, cyber extortion, kidnapping, luxury vehicle related incidents – amongst others.  The prevention team will help establish the exact risks clients face and help mitigate these as it the emotional impact which is often far more devastating than any financial loss.


The Prevention support is designed to be simple and straightforward with the purpose of educating and guiding clients through the risks they face on a day basis both within the UK and overseas. Whether dealing with a company or a private client, the support is on-going throughout the life of the policy and will typically include the following;

Security Training Material / Phone Consultation

  • Personal security advice
  • Information breaches
  • Stalking
  • Malicious damage prevention

Prevention Consultant Visit

  • Travel Safety – country profile advice
  • Vulnerability survey – company and individual
  • Malicious damage prevention
  • Defensive lifestyle training – residential and occupational

Directors / Employee Support and Visit

  • Full Kidnap for Ransom crisis plan
  • Workplace violence advice
  • Cyber threat assessment
  • Public / Media Relations