If you are travelling to countries with a high or higher risk of kidnap and ransom occurrences, and answer yes to the following questions, then you should consider specialist insurance. 

  • Does the client or their family travel to parts of the world where this product may be suitable?  For example, are the client’s children going on ‘Gap Years’?
  • Is the client’s profile open to abuse (sports people, actors musicians etc)?
  • How much personal information does their family advertise on social media –  therefore putting them at risk?
  • Does the client or their family employ domestic staff who may need screening or training?
  • Does the client understand that their financial profile can expose them to extortion?
  • Have personal information breaches (social medial, internet trolls, mobile phone hacking) been raised with the client?
  • Is the client at risk of intrusive covert or overt investigative journalism?
  • Could the client be exposed to stalking, intimidation or car jacking?