Markham Special Risks is an insurance broker specialising in crisis events and threats.  MSR offers AIG’s Crisis Solution product directly to corporations and private clients as well as to insurance brokers on a wholesale basis.

The Crisis Solution product is a comprehensive package of vital services and insurance protection which responds to a number of crisis events that can occur domestically or whilst clients are travelling or residing in various global ‘hot spots’.  Whilst the cover is extensive, the core elements revolve around the following;

  • Extortion
  • Kidnap for ransom
  • Cyber risks
  • Hijacking and detention

We are AIG’s only exclusively tied insurance broker in the UK and are in the unique position of providing access to the world’s largest global insurer, whilst offering a tailored service to our clients. Through our AIG partnership we are able to offer a holistic approach to these types of risks by focusing not just on the financial insurance implications, but also on Prevention and Response expertise.

Whether you are an insurance broker looking to protect your client’s interests, a corporation, or a private client, we truly believe that the offering we can tailor for you is exceptional.

MSR and Brokers

We cater for over 200 brokers who are looking to access AIG’s Crisis Solution product, but do not necessarily have enough business to support a direct agency with them.  MSR is one of AIG’s largest insurance brokers and therefore both you and your clients will benefit from our relationships, contacts and leverage with AIG.

Corporate and Private Clients

MSR assists companies and private individuals in mitigating their exposure to crisis events. Whilst confidentiality is paramount, we usually meet our clients to understand their specific requirements. Once their needs are established we arrange the correct insurance cover, whether this is purely kidnap for ransom and extortion or through more bespoke levels of cover. We also look to educate and advise clients through Pre-Incident Prevention as well as highlighting the benefits of the Response aspect of the insurance program.

Experienced Team

We have a real depth of knowledge in this sector and understand our client’s needs. As an independently owned company, we work solely for our clients. Our experienced Directors have worked at Board level for large multinational insurers, insurance brokers as well as a number of Investment Banks.