Markham Special Risks (MSR) are experts at assessing, advising on and providing Kidnap & Ransom insurance for Individuals and their families, Corporations and NGO's.

We work in partnership with AIG, a provider, which we believe can offer some of the most sophisticated insurance protection in the world. With an international underwriting capability insuring over £500 billion of assets worldwide and a claims service that is second to none, we aim to ensure all our clients benefit from the very best protection possible every step of the way.

We offer access to AIG's products to both brokers and clients looking to meet their insurance needs via a very innovative and holistic approach based upon:


Cover can be arranged for both Corporations and Private Clients and AIG constantly seek to offer the broadest coverage available for this specialist area.

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Through AIG's in-house Global Prevention team we provide clients with tailored security solutions designed to mitigate against a number of potential crisis events and threats.

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We have partnered with NYA, a crisis response consultancy, which has been in operation since 1990. NYA manages a wide range of incidents relating to special risks.

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Client Case Studies

USD1.36m demanded by extortionists for confidential information.

Private Client Extortion

The head of a family received several calls demanding he disclose documents and information about his business and make a payment equivalent to US$1.36 million or the extortionists would release confidential information. The insured contacted AIG crisis center hotline and NYA were deployed to the insured residence. NYA provided a complete risk assessment of the insureds residence and business, together with a protocol for handling future calls. No other calls were received.

Hackers demand £30,000 after personal information data breach.

Cyber Extortion

A UK company had its customers personal information compromised and the hackers responsible demanded £30,000 in exchange for not disclosing the information publicly. There are a growing number of cyber extortion cases where both individuals and companies are targeted. AIG's Crisis Solution offering can help financially protect against these types of threats by providing cover for the extortion demands and costs incurred.

US$1 million demand after employee kidnap in Brazil.

Kidnap for Ransom

A company sent an employee to visit Brazil to explore a new business opportunity. On the third day of the visit the employee was kidnapped and the company was notified that the employee was being held for a $1 million ransom. The company immediately called the AIG 24/7 emergency hotline and two NYA consultants were sent to work hand-in-hand with the company’s crisis management team. After 5 days of negotiations, the employee was released for a ransom of $500,000 which was reimbursed in full by AIG.

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