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Case Studies

Private Client Extortion

The head of a family received several calls demanding he disclose documents and information about his business and make a payment equivalent to US$1.36 million or the extortionists would release confidential information. The insured contacted AIG crisis centre hotline and Crisis24 were deployed to the insured residence. Crisis24 provided a complete risk assessment of the insured’s residence and business, together with a protocol for handling future calls. No other calls were received.

Security Evacuation

Following the military coup in Burkina Faso, AIG rapidly notified clients and prepared to provide on the ground support in the following areas –

  • Identified and located all clients in Burkina Faso and established individuals needs such as transportation, security and intelligence support.
  • Liaised with in-country sources to maintain picture of the volatile situation.
  • Security specialists tracked client movements with regular situational reports.
  • Worked with teams on the ground to provide safety and support for clients facing danger and uncertainty such as flight cancellations, roadblocks and outbreaks of violence
  • Contingency plans put in place including charter flights and security escorts and assisting 36 individuals until their safe return home

Kidnap for Ransom

A company sent an employee to visit Brazil to explore a new business opportunity. On the third day of the visit the employee was kidnapped, and the company was notified that the employee was being held for a $1 million ransom. The company immediately called the AIG 24/7 emergency hotline and two Crisis24 consultants were sent to work hand-in-hand with the company’s crisis management team. After 5 days of negotiations, the employee was released for a ransom of $500,000 which was reimbursed in full by AIG.