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Cyber Insurance

It’s a Case of “When” not “If”

As we know, an organisation can be hit by a crisis at any time in many ways. In an ever-involving world, businesses find themselves significantly more and more reliant on the use of IT systems and data, to ensure they are working competitively and efficiently.  Cyber risks should therefore form a major part of a company’s security concerns, through either the sheer volume of attempted attacks and risks, or the severity of implications involved, should a cyber-attack be successful.

Companies of all sizes and all industry sectors now face risks in today’s economy across different areas such as social media, information privacy, business processes and computer security risks in today’s economy.

Our policy provides coverage for Cyber Extortion, Event Management, Network Interruption, Telephone Hacking, Digital Media, Computer Crime and Security and Private Liability.

In the event of a critical cyber incident policy coverage will provide immediate specialist support to contain the event and restore businesses back to working capacity as soon as possible by:

  • Offering a First Response Service within 1 hour of reported incidents, provided without prejudice to policy coverage
  • Appointing IT Specialists
  • Providing updated reports detailing the support and advice regarding the incident and next steps
  • Providing initial legal advice

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