Taking a range of practical precautions can minimize the likelihood of you falling victim to any form of kidnap. The focus should be on detecting threats, deterring potential kidnappers and delaying any kidnap attempt long enough for security assistance to arrive.

Being vigilant

As a general rule, it is important to be risk-aware and exercise caution in any situation that does not look or ‘feel’ right. Any suspicious activity should be reported to your security team for investigation and shared with other members of your family in case the same event occurs somewhere else, indicating potential surveillance/information gathering.

The following warning signs always warrant further investigation:

  • Anyone asking for information about you or a family member.
  • Anyone asking for information about you or a colleague at work.
  • Any suspicious telephone calls asking to speak to you or wanting information about you.
  • Any contractors or non-local people working for a short time at your home.
  • Anyone offering information about someone planning to kidnap you or family members.
  • Any vehicle that appears to follow you for any reason.
  • Any strange vehicle you see more than once with no rational explanation.
  • Anyone flagging down your car to stop for any reason. Stopping should be avoided at all costs.
  • Any kidnaps in the local area.
  • Any criminal incidents on roads that you use to/from a rural location.