In the first of its kind, Markham Special Risks have partnered with AIG to offer Crisis Solutions Complete, a tailored extension to a Crisis Solutions policy that provides security consultancy specifically designed to prevent and respond to multiple crisis scenarios.

Crisis Solutions Complete is a flexible extension that can be tailored to each client and added to your Crisis Solutions Kidnap and Ransom policy as part of your initial or renewal application. Feedback from our broker panel suggests that organisations, large and small, would benefit from a consultancy solution responding to a much broader range of threats impacting a business in these challenging times, be that at home or abroad.

Coverage includes assessment of your client’s current risk exposure and sector, as well as in depth personal advice on how to mitigate risk exposure for perils relating to:

  • Criminal risks

Including abductions, assaults, blackmail, bribery, criminal facilitation, employee dishonesty, hostage crises, product tampering, stalking, suspicious deaths and workplace violence.

  • Information risks

Including industrial espionage.

  • Political risks

Including confiscation, deprivation, expropriation, forced abandonment, illegal seizure and occupation.

  • Terrorism and political violence

Including terrorist attacks, civil commotion, civil war, coup d’états, insurrections, malicious damage, radicalisation, revolutions, riots, sabotage and war.

  • Catastrophic risks

Including environmental disasters, man-made disasters and natural disasters.

Giles Greenfield, Markham Special Risks CEO: “We believe that being better prepared could help to prevent a crisis situation in the first place and help you return to normal business operations quicker following an incident.  Crisis Solutions Complete offers consultation, training and emergency response for multiple crisis situations.

Download the latest Crisis Solutions Complete brochure for more information and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or want to discuss the policy with us before consulting your clients.

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