This year alone we are seeing the Commonwealth Games, the ICC World T20 Cricket tournament and the FIFA World Cup, not to mention the myriad of smaller events that regularly take place across the year around the world. A large part of the cost of an event should be to protect those working at the event, the competitors as well as the spectators.

In 2008, the English Cricketing team were staying in Mumbai and were impacted by the Mumbai attacks. Organisers have a duty of care to their employees to ensure that they are taken care of, no matter where the place of employment is, and in this case, when they are on tour.

Planning and preparation starts years in advance. As organisations, we need to ensure that all parties are looked after and take out the right insurance for travel, luggage, sporting equipment and even cancellation policies.

But what happens if there is a security breach at an event or at the team hotel and all parties involved are at a real risk of a crisis?

Businesses need to prepare their employees should the worst happen. Travel emergency crisis insurance can go a long way to help offer peace of mind as well as the training of teams needed to help them identify and prevent a crisis happening.

With specialist insurance, consultants help clients validate their plans and procedures, advising across the spectrum of pre-incident activities; both land-based and marine.

  • Assessment – identification of threats and vulnerabilities
  • Prevention – assigning of priorities / measures to counter threat
  • Training – preparing the Crisis Management Team
  • Rehearsal – practicing and consolidating through simulated incidents

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