Spotlight on African Travel

Kidnapping in Nigeria on the rise 

We have seen reports of a number of kidnapping incidents in the Nigerian region recently. Kidnappers don’t only target international travellers, but also local people and as this article suggests this is a common occurrence in the area.  Businesses who employ staff that need to travel to the area or visitors for other reasons should take extra care and be vigilant of their surroundings and the company they are in.

African Cup of Nations 

With the African Cup of Nations currently underway we are seeing a higher proportion of travellers to Cameroon and neighbouring countries. Reductions in COVID travel requirements back to the UK mean that more and more people are able to book their trips, which is welcome news for the industry.

As ever when travelling to an unknown destination, visitors should have the right insurance for their trip. Standard travel insurance policies may not be enough in certain destinations and businesses and independent travellers need to be aware of what is and is not part of the policy. Crisis situations can occur anywhere in the world but have a higher occurrence in developing or third world countries and specialist insurance should be a major consideration before setting off.