Kidnaps and attempted kidnaps often take place when you are on your way home or to work, as these are predictable locations for you to be in.
  • Identify anything or anyone suspicious and get it checked out. This way you should not miss anyone observing your routine and you will appear prepared, almost intimidating the kidnapper to select another victim.
  • Train domestic, office and security staff to observe the final approaches to your house or office and report any suspicious person/car immediately to a security manager/local police.
  • Train staff to be guarded and keep all of your personal details confidential. Make sure that no personal information is on display – for example, on a desk – when contractors or other visitors are present.
  • Incorporate a safe room in your home and/or office.
  • Have two safes in your house. An obvious safe should contain a few documents and some cash/ valuables, while all real wealth should be held in a second secure location.
  • Dogs are great deterrents and early warning intruder detectors. Keep them outside at night.
  • Test local police response times to being called out in an emergency.
Home securityConsider having the following security measures at your home:

  • Assistance alarm system
  • Alarmed main entrance doors • Infra-red motion detectors in each room
  • Infra-red detectors at entrances to your property, to warn of anyone approaching
  • Perimeter fence or wall
  • Security lighting
  • Ground floor window bars and grills
  • All ground floor internal doors bolted top and bottom at night
  • Domestic staff quarters locked and separate from the family
  • A physical barrier between the family bedrooms and the living area
  • A safe room close to the family bedrooms