Criminals will often target several potential kidnap victims and select the most promising, after observing them for a period of time. Factors that may increase your likelihood of being kidnapped include:

• Representing wealth/value
• Being predictable and easily identifiable
• Being unaware of or indifferent to the risk to you and your loved ones
• Having no obvious security deterrents in place

Kidnappers may also choose you because they feel there is little chance of being caught during the reconnaissance and abduction phases of a kidnap. As express kidnaps are spontaneous and usually carried out by street criminals, victims tend to be people who display victim-like behavior, such as wearing headphones or using their mobile phone conspicuously, or otherwise being distracted in the street.

Any wealth indicators such as wearing expensive clothes or jewelry, or carrying expensive gadgets such as tablets, can also make you a target.

People who may be at risk of being kidnapped in urban or rural environments include:

• High net worth individuals
• Business owners • Expatriates
• Business travelers • High-profile company or NGO employees
• Estate or plantation managers • Dependents/family members
• Gap year students/long-term travelers

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